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Jimmy Berger’s COVID-19 Updates & Policies

It is our greatest priority to keep our guests, employees and community safe and healthy while still upholding out high standards of hospitality. Please check back here frequently for our latest updates, policies and procedures.

Updated Ordering Policy • As of May 28, 2020

Pre-Ordering Options • 10 am–7 pm

Guests must adhere to the following guidelines:

​Essence Restaurant Group’s Move-Forward Plan • Last updated May 21, 2020

Dear valued guests,

I am thankful and proud of our team’s fortitude as we’ve endured the initial blow of the COVID-19 outbreak, surviving 60 days into this pandemic. In many ways, our industry is still in a state of shock, and we know there will continue to be many struggles ahead, but Essence will move forward with intention as we learn to live with this virus into the foreseeable future.

While some states are slowly reopening their economies and others are holding back, Michigan has taken the slow and steady route. Regardless of whether we agree or not, it’s only how we react that matters. We are now operating two zero-touch, carryout concepts: The Green Well and Jimmy Berger’s Gourmet Chicken (formerly Grove). As we see the near future becoming clearer, our industry will go through three distinct phases:

To be frank, when and what happens in Phase III is anyone’s guess. We have learned to stay focused on the current phase, because each day brings new awareness and facts to our reality. As time goes by, facts replace feelings, ultimately creating less fear. We will remain mindful and continue to implement science-based solutions in our new normal, because viruses won’t be eradicated due to how we feel about them.

As we approach Phase II, how we choose to re-integrate into our communities will be crucial to our long-term successful relationship with COVID-19. It absolutely matters how we behave individually and collectively. We believe that living in fear is not living at all, and we are obligated as humans to move forward and create our new normal now—together and based on the facts.

With that said, we share our plan for back to full-service hospitality engagement below. This begins with our 2025 Essence Values and Vision which call on us to ‘Create Trust through Kindness.’ The Essence Vision is to create a safe work environment for all our team members. The “Kindness Principle” (gratitude + empathy = compassion) tells us that gratitude and empathy ensure we have compassionate relationships, with kindness being the end result.

We believe our Values are the heart of our culture and guide us in all aspects of our work. Our Servant Leadership Values are built into our DNA:

Essence Restaurant Group’s Road back to full-service Hospitality Engagement:

PHASE I – Current State Stay-at-Home Order and Beyond: Mid-May – Early June

PHASE II* – Hybrid in-store dining with carryout: Early June – Early September

Essence Restaurants will follow a comprehensive disinfecting and sanitation COVID-19 safety plan founded on our values and vision, as protecting our team and the community is our top priority.

Essence Sub-Phase A: In-store Dining with Carryout

*Please note that all in-store dining phases are subject to change based on further guidance and executive orders.

Essence Sub-Phase B: Transition to Increased In-store Dining

Essence Sub-Phase C August 3 – Early September

PHASE III – Full in-store dining: September and beyond with possible roll back to Phase II based on seasonal outbreaks

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me directly.

In health,
James Berg, Managing Partner